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What to consider when choosing your first dance…

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the planning begins…!

Perhaps you already love a special song with which you’d like to start your marriage; but if you’re not sure which to choose, I can help inspire you.

Do you and your fiancé have an ‘Our Song’? That song which makes you both burst into singing whenever it comes on the radio? Choose that, nothing else will quite be as special to you.


Do you and your fiancé have a favourite artist? Perhaps you’ve been to a special gig together which holds lovely memories for you both. Go through the singer’s back catalogue and see if you can find a song which matches how you feel for each other.

Do you and your fiancé have a favourite film? Did you go to the pictures on your first date? Check out the film soundtrack for inspirational tunes.

Still wondering..?

You need to consider…

Your confidence with dancing? Do you think you’d like a song with a gentle pace that you can sway to, or maybe you’re feeling more brave and would like something faster…

What’s your relationship’s ‘personality’? Are you the couple that’s always the life and soul of the party? Then maybe you should choose a song that you can really wow your guests with. Funny, romantic, outrageous…? You choose!

And finally, think about The Dress! Too many couples prepare their dance and never consider how the Bride’s dress might limit her movement. Also, don’t forget that, just like that dance legend Ginger Rogers, the Bride will do everything the Groom does but “backwards and in high heels”. So choose a song that she can dance to comfortably!

Above all, choose a song that you both LOVE and will want to dance to again and again. Make it the song that you have at your Golden Wedding Anniversary! Good luck.

Worried about being the centre of attention? It’s your wedding day! You’re supposed to be the focus of the room! However, don’t be afraid of having all the eyes in the room on you. Everybody that you’ve invited to your big day loves you and wants you to have a lovely time. They are not your ‘audience’, they are your family and friends. Be encouraged by their love and support for you. They’ll think you both look wonderful, I promise!

I can help create, with the happy couple, a dance that suits their personality, confidence and dance ability.

No previous dance skills are required, and lessons can be held locally or at a location of your choice.

Contact Naomi to discuss how you can begin to create a lovely surprise for your family and friends, and step out in style!


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