Terms of use


Contract” means a contract for the hire of services by the acceptance of an order / cleared funds deposit
Equipment” means the equipment described or any individual item thereof.
DJ” means Disc Jockey
Assistant” means a member of Platinum disco staff
Hirer” means the hirer, whether it is a company or individual, of services from PD.
PDL” means the company Platinum Disco Limited.

1. Your DJ is entirely self-contained with a complete set of sound, lighting and music if that is what you booked. The client should supply a minimum of two 13 amp 240-volt sockets on a minimum 16 amp supply at the working position and a clear solid level working space to accommodate the equipment, with ample height (minimum 3 metres) for lighting. This is particularly important in marquees.

2. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the electrical supply is safe, properly earthed and is supplied at the correct voltage. Our staff and DJ’s will not connect to an electrical supply, which they consider to be anything less than totally safe.

3. The DJ will play from a previously agreed playlist, this must be submitted 14 days prior to your event and we will accommodate requests throughout the night wherever possible.

4. The standard fee, except for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, is for up to five hours before 12 midnight (from the time when the disco is contracted to be ready to start i.e. 7pm to 12am midnight). Additional hours will be charged at a rate of £75 per half hour or part of till 1am, then at a rate of £200 per hour or part of until 3am. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are subject to pre-arranged seasonal cost increases.

5. The DJ may play on later than contracted if requested by the customer. In these circumstances, the customer must pay the DJ for the extra time when the request is made, in cash in full at the rates above.

6. PDL usually requires a minimum of 1 hour to setup before the start of the event, and a minimum of 1 hour to pack away at the end of an event. It is the client’s responsibility to check with the function venue that this time is available before booking. Set up fees are included in our prices.

7. If a venue is in an unusual location and does not have a sufficient loading space or has any other limitations, these must be discussed with us before booking as these issues could affect the cost of the disco. It is the client’s responsibility to check with the venue about said factors.

8. Fees are based on events within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, London and 30 miles from AL10. For events outside this area a travelling charge of 99p per mile from base to event each way may be charged. Adequate parking and congestion charges may apply

9. Should the client instruct that the equipment is to be installed early on in the day and left on site, without wishing to pay PDL staff being in attendance throughout the day, the safety and security of the equipment shall be at the client’s own risk. The client must safeguard against theft, damage, third party liability and other risks whilst the equipment is in their charge. The client should contact their insurers to ensure that they have adequate cover, the minimum requirement being the replacement value of the equipment, which could be in excess of £20,000.

10. Where an event outside the coverage zones finishes later than 2am, the client should provide overnight accommodation in the form of a twin room, bed and breakfast for the DJ and assistant. This should ideally be on site, or close to the venue. If this is not possible please notify us at the time of booking.

11. Bookings are only confirmed when the client’s non-refundable Booking Fee has cleared at our bank. The balance on the account is due 4 weeks before the date of the event unless pre-arranged. Any changes to the agreement must be confirmed in writing by both sides. Cancellation of a confirmed booking may only be made in writing. Bookings can be cancelled by telephone but must be confirmed in writing.

12. In the event of a cancellation by the client, a cancellation fee will be made on the following basis, payment being due at the time of cancellation. More than 6 weeks’ notice, loss of deposit plus 50% of the balance due. Less than 6 weeks’ notice, entire fee for event. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve – Due to the exceptional high demand and nature of these dates, any cancellations once the contract has been agreed by both parties will attract a 100% full fee cancellation charge, irrespective of notice period or any other factors.

13. Some venues do not allow the use of bubble, snow or smoke/ fog machines please check with the venue before requesting any of the above as PDL will not be held responsible for any charges incurred by the venue.

14. All equipment used and practices adopted conform to Health and Safety legislation and recommendations, and all equipment is serviced and tested to PAT and EMC electrical safety regulations.

15. The client has the right to control the volume within the limitations of the equipment. PDL

16. The DJ and Assistants shall be deemed to be under the direction and control of the client, and shall be regarded as the servant or agent of the client, who alone shall be responsible for any claims arising from placing or operation of the equipment.

17. The client should provide the DJ and assistants with secure changing facilities and reasonable refreshments at no charge. Where the DJ or assistant is required to be at the venue for five hours or more including setting up and strike times, a full hot meal should be provided. Should no arrangements be made to feed the DJ and Assistant, they will leave the site for a reasonable time to obtain a meal, the cost of which will be borne by the client. For shorter periods less than five hours, refreshment in the form of soft drinks only need be provided whilst the DJ or assistant is working.

18. The client is responsible for safeguarding the equipment of PDL and any equipment supplied by contractors to PDL, and is expected to reimburse for any losses, damages, breakages or injuries.

19. Limit of Liability. In the unlikely circumstances of an unsatisfactory or incomplete performance, the liability of PDL shall not exceed the individual fee payable for the specific item charged for that individual event on that date.

20. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a smooth running of all events, PDL cannot be held responsible or liable for circumstances beyond their control including Force Majeure, weather, road traffic incidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war, civil war, rebellion and revolution.

21. PDL shall not be liable for the following loss or damage howsoever caused and even if foreseeable by or in contemplation of PDL: loss of profits, business, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings whether sustained by the hirer or any other person, or special, indirect or consequential loss, other than direct physical damage to tangible property of the hirer or any other person, or any loss arising from any claim made against PDL by any other person.

22. Equipment such as Magic Mirrors and Dance floors will not be carried up flights of stairs unless agreed beforehand, PDL will not be held responsible for non disclosure of logistics, this will qualify for no refund in this instance.

23. PDL Will not be held responsible for any slips or accidents due to broken glasses, spilt drinks or wet shoes, please inform your guests not to bring drinks on to the floor, as our dance floors will be left in a dry usable state before any recommend usage

24. If your booked assigned DJ is unable to attend due to illness or personal reasons we will supply a suitable like for like replacement DJ from the team , any last minute changes will occur without informing you but we will ensure all runs smooth from our side.

​​​​​​​25. Technology can be temperamental at times even with the best up keep and maintenance and on site Pre-checks, so on the very rare occasion an issue occurs We would allow 15 mins downtime for any restarts/repairs due to a malfunction for equipment such a controllers, printers, computers and laptops, replacements will then be used if available.